Together for Nature – the Pakistani Start-ups Approaching Environmental Deficit

Recent changes in Pakistan have created a progressive push for innovation. This is largely due to the fresh generation of entrepreneurs who are priming themselves to leverage modern skills and digital advances for sustainable start-up successes.

Recently, more innovative companies have begun addressing the problems with the environment by leveraging technology. This surge of eco-friendly startup ideas is a promising sign that Pakistan’s future will be bright while mitigating the environmental deficit.

The Shell Tameer Awards are always looking for aspiring entrepreneurs and it helps to aid their progress. Some of the brightest ideas in this year’s Awards ranged from ways to counter agents that are harmful to our environment and utilizing them to produce useful resources instead.

Syed Wamiq Ali has come up with a way to convert cooking oil waste into biofuels.

“Muhammad Farooq’s ‘Biodegradable Cutlery’ is an innovative idea that would revolutionize the food industry by producing biodegradable cutlery to improve hygiene and reduce plastic waste. This would be a huge step towards becoming a better society.

Enviro Solutions from Abuzar Shoaib Siddiqui is an eco-friendly idea that will repurpose plastic waste into road building material.

Dabeer Hemani’s team is committed to converting discarded plastic waste into high-value lifestyle products. They use state-of-the-art technology and data analysis, which makes their process sustainable and tech-empowered.

Ayan Raza, the founder of EFG Construction, is a young entrepreneur who has dedicated his time and resources to converting plastic into construction materials in order to provide affordable housing for communities. He also reduces the weight of building structures by upcycling.

Davaam Life offers smart, waste reduction dispensing stations that cut down on the use of single-use plastic. The company also provides solutions for collecting, recycling, and reusing plastics materials.

Ibrahim Shah’s ‘Mobility’ is a social enterprise that uses plastic waste to manufacture prosthetics. We’ve been able to provide mobility to people who have lost limbs or are disabled.

Muhammad Hassamuddin’s innovative idea developed GeoAirCon, a new air-conditioning system that utilizes the underground temperature for low-cost and environmentally-friendly cooling.

For over 20 years, Muhammad Mohsin Kareem has been designing and implementing clean energy solutions. His most recent innovation is using biomass fuel as an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional heating systems for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

If the rate of innovation in this country stays at this pace, it looks very promising for the future.

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