Twitter is located in San Francisco, and it’s closed for the coming week.

The company released a very vague explanation as to why it’s closing and then announced that all of its buildings will be closed temporarily.

According to Twitter employees, the company offices are closed until next week. The message does not mention the reason behind the closure but requests that employees do not share any private or confidential information about Twitter on social media.

Most people believe Twitter’s temporary closure was due to protesting staff members. This is because most employees reportedly quit after CEO Elon Musk told them they could either sign up for long hours at high intensity or leave the company.

Twitter’s offices are currently shut down and Twitter isn’t sharing the reason behind it. The company now has to decide what to do once the doors open again. With Elon Musk issuing orders that staff refuses to follow and a large number of them willing to leave, it makes sense for Twitter’s leadership team to make crucial decisions about the future of their company.

Elon Musk just recently tweeted that Twitter employees who work “long hours at high intensity” will be given three months of severance pay.

Multiple people are guessing that a large number of employees have already said farewell to Twitter because they disagree with the new rules set up by Elon. Employees are seen using #LoveWhereYouWorked and saluting emojis on their Twitter accounts, indicating that they left the company.

A Twitter employee was quoted saying, “I think when the dust clears today, there’s probably going to be less than 2,000 people left.”

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