Twitter raises the price of Blu to $11 for iPhone app users

Twitter raises the price of Blu to $11 for iPhone app users

Media officials said Tuesday that Latvia had revoked the license of an independent Russian TV channel exiled in the Baltic country for supporting the Russian military and including Crimea on Russia’s map.
The decision of the National Electronic Mass Media Council of Latvia was based on several recent violations by TV Ren and the cancellation of the license due to threats to national security and public order.
The Baltic News Service, the region’s main news agency, said the decision would take effect on Thursday when TV Rain broadcasts in Latvia and its programs on YouTube would be blocked. The proper translation of its broadcast in Latvian, the only official language of the Baltic country.
On Friday, Latvia’s State Security Service launched an investigation into comments by Baran TV on suspicion of supporting Russia and its forces in the war in Ukraine.
Latvia’s decision was prompted by a Baran TV show in which the host invited Russian soldiers and their families who were watching to share their stories with the channel and promised help. The host apologized and said he would not promise material aid to Russian forces on the Ukrainian border, but the track quickly fired him and apologized.
The incident comes on top of earlier tensions with Latvian officials, who were reprimanded for a channel that showed Moscow-annexed Crimea on a map as part of Russia and the Russian army as “our army.” referred.
In an interview, Natalia Sindeeva, the owner of TV Rain, said that she has yet to decide on the next step. “I wasn’t ready for this. I was sure they wouldn’t do it,” Sindieva told Meduza, an independent Russian news agency based in Latvia.
Since its founding in 2010, TV Ren has been the most visible independent television station in Russia, criticizing Kremlin policies, giving airtime to critics of the government, and widely covering opposition protests.
The country has faced official intimidation and pressure from Russian authorities. In August 2021, it was labeled a “foreign agent,” which suggested close government investigations and had a solid pejorative connotation that could discourage potential viewers.
TV Rain suspended its operations in Russia earlier this year after authorities blocked its broadcasts over the channel’s critical coverage of Russia’s war in Ukraine. The track began broadcasting in the summer from Riga, the Latvian capital, where several other independent Russian media outlets are based.
The decision of the Latvian Media Watch organization is subject to appeal. Its head, Ivars Ebolins, said that all media working in Latvia must obey and respect Latvian laws, but TV Ren – known in Russia as “DoZD” – refused to do so. have made.

“I believe that this decision demonstrates that Latvia is open also for the Russian media because all Russian media who respect the law are welcome and may work in Latvia,” said Abolins, quoted by the Baltic News Service. “Those who are not ready to follow the rules, cross the red lines, may not work here. The rules are fair.”

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