UAE company Telenor is talking about reaching Pakistan

UAE company Telenor is talking about reaching Pakistan

Karachi: The most significant change in the Pakistani telecom industry. The country’s second-largest cellular service provider may soon be converted into Telenor Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Telenor is interacting with the UAE -based multinational company to sell its activities. However, the company has refused to respond to any comment on the development. According to Don News, the UAE company already has a strong background in Pakistan. And Telenor is interacting to get teenagers in an advanced stage.

A good source from the Ministry of Information Technology also confirmed that a deal was almost in the final stages. In addition, he also refused to share other information about the record.

According to Bloomberg, the Norwegian telecom operator used Citragroup Services in November. To process tender

In contrast, according to the company’s resources, the Norwegian company is not a multinational investment bank involved in sales.

The Emirates Company currently has a significant presence in Pakistan. According to these sources, the company has a presence in all critical areas of the telecom sector and is interested in strengthening its position.

In addition, the company’s operational cost has reached $ 55 million. At the same time, the most significant piece was consumed at the expense of electricity.

According to experts, Telenor Pakistan planned to reduce its loss and preferred to expand the approach and bus rates.

The company has been priced between $ 1 billion and $ 1.2 billion. In that case, an interested person is looking for $ 780–910 million for purchase.

They are challenging markets to invest in.

Expert says that the bus environment has become challenging for the telecom sector, especially the cellular industry. The government and its by-elections need to revive the sector, which has been slow for the last few years.

Now it has been almost two years since everything could be better. However, the recent appreciation of the US dollar has made the situation even more challenging, stating the drop-down project, the International Telecom Policy Advisor.

Therefore, Pakistan has one of the lowest average incomes for every user globally. This shows that cellular services are less expensive than in other countries here.

Government policy

Undoubtedly, some regulatory barriers make the communication sector very challenging.

Information and Information Technology Minister Saeed Aminol Haq admitted that the commercial situation in Pakistan is very challenging for cellular companies due to overall economic pressure.

We are trying our best to facilitate mobile companies in this ministry—in other players and telecom ecosystems. The latest PTA update shows Pakistan has around 194 million cellular customers.

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