Unlocking the Potential of PSVR2: Our Experience of Plugging it into a PC

Unlocking the Potential of PSVR2: Our Experience of Plugging it into a PC

We plugged the PSVR2 into a PC, and here’s what it does

Virtual reality (VR) is gaining ground as a popular form of entertainment and a tool for various industries. With the release of Sony’s new PlayStation VR2 headset, many gaming enthusiasts are eager to know whether it will be compatible with PCs. The answer is not yet clear, but in this article, we will explore the possibilities and limitations of using the PSVR2 on a PC.

The PSVR2 headset is specifically designed to work with the PlayStation 5 console. According to Sony PR representative Beca Truong, the PSVR2 is not created for use with a PC. However, that has not stopped enthusiasts from trying to connect the PSVR2 to their PCs to use with SteamVR.

During testing, it was found that when the PSVR2 was connected directly to a PC via a USB-C port, Windows picked it up as a second screen and limited the resolution to 1080p. However, SteamVR was unable to recognize the PSVR2, and it kept asking the user to plug in their VR headset. Without driver support, there is not much that can be done with the headset other than using it as a fancy second screen.

While the video signal over USB-C is not encrypted, the PSVR2’s inside-out tracking, haptic feedback, and controllers could pose a challenge for modders. Third-party tools like Trinus PSVR or iVRy have allowed the original PlayStation VR headset to work on PCs with SteamVR, but it is a lot of work to get things like the accelerometer working. Additionally, the open-source webcam tracking solutions are not as good as Sony’s own.

It is still unknown if Sony will officially support PSVR2 on PC. The company has not commented on the matter. Despite bringing PlayStation games to PC for the past few years, there is no sign of Sony officially supporting PSVR2 on PC.

This is disappointing because the PSVR2 could be an interesting alternative for PC gamers looking for a VR headset. The PSVR2 is an advanced virtual reality headset that features an OLED display with a resolution of 2000×2040 per eye, a refresh rate of 120 Hz, and a 110-degree field of view. Its controllers feature adaptive actuators, haptic feedback, and finger touch recognition. It is priced at $549, which is comparable to other high-end VR headsets on the market.

In conclusion, while it is possible to connect the PSVR2 to a PC, it is not officially supported by Sony. Third-party tools can be used, but they may require a lot of work to get everything functioning properly. It is unclear whether Sony will ever provide official support for the PSVR2 on PC, but it would be a welcome addition for PC gamers looking for a high-end VR headset. Until then, the PSVR2 remains exclusively designed for use with the PlayStation 5 console.

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