US game maker to block Microsoft's $69 billion offer for Activision

US game maker to block Microsoft’s $69 billion offer for Activision

The United States Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint on Thursday aimed at blocking a $69 billion offer by technology giant Microsoft (MSFT.O) to buy game maker Activision over concerns it would put popular games at risk. Will put accessible content,

Microsoft, which owns Xbox, announced in January 2022 that it would buy Activision for $68.7 billion in the gaming industry’s largest deal.

Microsoft Chairman Bird-Smith said he would fight the FTC. He added: “While we believe in peace by giving them a chance, we are confident in our case and welcome this opportunity to present our case in court.”

The agency said Microsoft has a history of buying up game content at cost and using it to intimidate competing consoles.

However, Vidova, director of the FTC’s Office of Competition, said: «Microsoft has previously indicated that it can and will block content from its competitors. “Today, we want to prevent Microsoft from taking control of a large independent game studio and using it to harm competition in many game markets, proliferating.”

Microsoft and Activision shares declined the release of the FTC complaint. Shares of Activision fell 2.3%, or $1.78, to $74.16, while Microsoft fell from its previous high but was still up 1% on the day at $246.78.

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