Valeem – The First Local Startup to Join the Cross Border EdTech Boom

Learning and education at its most fundamental level are processes that have not changed since the dawn of mankind. An individual or group of people discovers or becomes aware of something, identifies it as valuable knowledge, and passes it on to others. But what has changed over time is cross-border access to teachers and teaching materials.

A practical conclusion made by the British scientist Francis Galton. He founded the London Society for Eugenic Education in 1907, which established a viewpoint that discouraged the less able from overproducing and left the better only to compete with Victorian society. Many educators confirm that this is a constant extension of Darwin’s theory: survival of the fittest. It’s fair to say that throughout human history, light adapters have had a better chance of developing into a successful person. Similarly, technological advances have expanded access to information and methods that have enriched the ability to learn and adapt. From studies to lifestyle, if you want to master any skill, you should join the EdTech boom.

Providing quality education for the convenience of students has been a priority for Valeem and it has achieved its goal very well with a student satisfaction rate of 95% precisely among CIE O/A and IGCSE level students who consider Valeem a highly beneficial platform as a trusted platform. source of learning. This is the result of dynamic factors such as free demo classes, flexible scheduling or group interaction. The student can take 1 free demo lesson with each teacher and several demo lessons with different teachers so that he can choose or change teachers according to his understanding.

At the same time, Valeem helps students reduce travel costs and attend classes in a comfortable environment.

It also helped the students to combine their education with all the activities, making time management much easier than before because Walim has a flexible schedule as agreed with the respective tutor. To avoid any hiccups, Valeem even provides an academic advisor who stays in constant contact with both the student and the instructor to resolve any issues on a priority basis.

The icing on the cake is that there are no registration fees on Valeem! Any student can create their own account and use the demos without paying anything. They will only have to pay when they purchase a course that offers secure online payments and satisfaction. However, with top-notch teachers at this training academy, students learn from the best and stay to learn from others.

Valeem provides high-quality education for a wide range of programs including academics, skill-based learning, skill-based courses and lifestyle and beauty courses such as IELTS, SATS, Art and Design, CSS, Calligraphy, Hairdressing , makeup, fitness. , and yoga.

Valeem is one of the ace start-ups among the pioneers of online education technology markets, with a wide range of courses and a global network of students and teachers in 13 countries. This is a new era of learning for students. Take part in online learning and add value to your knowledge and skills as Valeem will take care of making it as smart and convenient as possible:

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