WhatsApp is releasing the ability to view status updates within the chat list


In our WhatsApp Android beta update article, we’ve shared details about a new feature in development: the ability to view status updates directly in your chat list.
The feature was in development, but it didn’t take long to roll out: in fact, today WhatsApp is rolling out the feature to some beta testers!

As you can see in this screenshot, when a contact uploads a new status update, it will also be visible in the chat list: just tap on their profile picture to see the status update!
If you don’t post and see status updates and you don’t like this feature, there’s a solution for you: just turn off all status updates so they don’t appear again in the chat list.
WhatsApp is rolling out this feature to a lucky few beta testers today, and more activations are planned over the coming weeks. Note that since this feature has been released in WhatsApp beta for Android, it may also be released to some beta testers in WhatsApp beta for iOS in the near future.

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