WhatsApp May Soon Have a Screen Lock for Web Users

Recently, the WhatsApp team has been working to make improvements to its privacy features. This time, they will focus on making them more accessible for people using WhatsApp Web.

Logging onto WhatsApp Web can seem quite unsafe when the user is far from their desk and may not have their phone. To avoid this, WhatsApp is launching Web screen locks, securing the details and messages behind a password.

New WhatsApp Beta Info has shared several details about this new security check. According to them, the company will test the new feature with beta users before rolling it out.

WhatsApp is finally adding a security measure requiring a password to proceed with the account even after logging in. They are likely to make this a different setting on the Web version, but they can be accessed by going to settings. Users can then use this feature as they please from that point forward.

One of the latest WhatsApp security features is that you can log in by scanning your fingerprints. This is great because not only does it give you an extra layer of protection, but it also provides an easy way to log in. But as we all know, this option will only be available for iPhone and Mac users.

WhatsApp doesn’t require a lock screen password, so there’s never any need to worry if you forget your passcode. Besides this, WhatsApp allows users to log out from the desktop version by linking their devices through QR codes on the Web platform.

With the increasing number of breaches and intrusions of privacy, one can always rely on WhatsApp Web to keep them secure. In an increasingly important field such as personal security, it’s only a matter of time before this feature is made available for every user.

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