WhatsApp Officially Launches Customizable 3D Avatars

WhatsApp Officially Launches Customizable 3D Avatars

This WhatsApp 3D avatar feature was first launched on Facebook and Instagram and is expected to roll out on more platforms owned by Meta.

Snapchat’s popular custom 3D avatar feature is now available on WhatsApp. By bringing this new feature, WhatsApp allows users to change or customize it based on their interests and friendship.

The custom 3D avatar feature has been available on various social media platforms for quite some time now, but for WhatsApp users, the quality is new.

According to the official statement provided by WhatsApp, it has been informed that each user can customize their avatars according to their profile picture as well as from one of 36 personalized stickers with different physical characteristics and gestures.

Not only that, but the social media platform also said that these 3D avatars are essentially a digital version of users’ actual physical appearance. Users can also customize their avatars in any way they want, as WhatsApp offers millions of different hairstyles, hair colors, facial features, and even trendy and stylish clothes.

In the continuation of this news, it was also announced that users would receive various updates in this field. These updates revolve around improvements to hairstyle styling, lighting, shading, and textures.

Currently, users need help to integrate 3D avatars on Facebook and Instagram. However, Meta is expected to announce an update soon where users will have access to their avatars presented on all Meta-owned social media platforms.

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