Who is Breckie Hill? Influencer who threw shade at Livvy Dunne amasses soaring backlash

Have you heard about the latest social media feud that’s been causing a stir online? It involves two well-known influencers, Breckie Hill and Livvy Dunne. But who is Breckie Hill, and why has she garnered such intense backlash for throwing shade at her fellow influencer? In this blog post, we’ll delve into the drama and explore who Breckie Hill really is. Buckle up because things are about to get spicy!

Livvy Dunne’s feud with Breckie Hill

Livvy Dunne and Breckie Hill have been feuding for years. It all started when Livvy made a comment about how Breckie always seemed to be “perfect.” Breckie didn’t take kindly to the remark and the two have been exchanging barbs ever since.

The latest incident occurred when Breckie posted a picture of herself on Instagram with the caption “No one’s perfect.” Livvy saw this as a direct shot at her and took to Twitter to clap back. She wrote, “If you’re going to try and diss me, at least spell my name right,” referring to the fact that Breckie had spelled her name wrong in the caption.

This sparked a whole new wave of backlash against Breckie, with many people coming to Livvy’s defense. The hashtag #BreckieIsOverParty began trending on Twitter, and Breckie has lost thousands of followers as a result of the Feud. It doesn’t look like these two will be making up any time soon.

Breckie Hill’s career as an influencer

Breckie Hill's career as an influencer

Breckie Hill became an influencer after throwing shade at Livvy Dunne and amassing a soaring backlash. She has since become a popular figure on social media, with many people following her for her fashion and beauty tips. However, some have criticized her for being superficial and encouraging materialism.

The backlash against Breckie Hill

The internet is a cruel, unforgiving place. Just ask Breckie Hill.

Hill, an influencer who goes by the name “Breckie” online, threw some serious shade at Livvy Dunne, another influencer with a large following. And the internet did not take kindly to it.

Many people came to Dunne’s defense, calling out Hill for her bullying behavior. The backlash against Hill was swift and severe, with people accusing her of being jealous of Dunne’s success and attacking her for no good reason.

Now, Hill is facing the consequences of her actions. Her social media following has taken a hit, and she’s been branded as a bully by many people online. It’ll be interesting to see how she recovers from this situation – if she can at all.

What does the future hold for Breckie Hill?

What does the future hold for Breckie Hill?

The future looks bright for Breckie Hill. She has a large and passionate following on social media, and her influence is only growing. She’s shown that she’s not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes in, even if it means taking on powerful people or organizations. And she’s not afraid to take on controversial topics, which is always a good thing for an influencer.

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What is Breckie Hill?

What is Breckie Hill?

Breckie Hill is a small village located in the Scottish Highlands. The village is situated on the River Spey and is surrounded by mountains. The village has a population of around 200 people.

The village has a shop, a post office, a primary school and a church. There are also several Bed and Breakfast establishments in the village.

The area around Breckie Hill is popular for hill walking, fishing and bird watching. There are also several Munros (mountains over 3,000 feet) nearby which are popular with climbers.

The future of Breckie Hill

BreckieHill leaked onlyfans on reddit, Breckie Hill Trending video

The future of Breckie Hill is shrouded in uncertainty. The community is split on what should happen to the historic site, with some believing it should be preserved and others calling for its redevelopment.

The debate came to a head last year when the city council voted to demolish the hill, but the decision was overturned after a petition garnered enough signatures to force a referendum.

Now, the fate of Breckie Hill will be decided by the voters of Edinburgh. do they want to see the site redeveloped or preserved?

Only time will tell what the future holds for Breckie Hill, but one thing is certain: its future is up in the air.


Breckie Hill is a vibrant and growing community, with many exciting opportunities for growth on the horizon. In the future, we can expect to see increased residential and commercial development in the area – bringing more jobs, an even better quality of life, and a greater sense of connection amongst its citizens. With so much potential at its doorstep, there’s no doubt that Breckie Hill looks set to be an attractive proposition for anyone looking to move into this welcoming area.