Xiaomi announced the supported devices, launch date, and features of MIUI 14

Xiaomi announced the supported devices, launch date, and features of MIUI 14

Xiaomi has unveiled the MIUI 14skin for Android, which is scheduled to launch next Sunday. The company has announced several new features that will be included in the upcoming Xiaomi 13 series. We’re excited about this new interface’s potential and the supported devices and components.
The updated MIUI platform always focuses on system space optimization and faster operation. While talking about the upcoming update, Xiaomi revealed that MIUI 14 would reduce the number of non-removable apps to eight, which means it will take up to 1.5GB less system space. This software reduces system memory consumption and introduces optimizations for third-party programs that help them run faster and smoother.

MIUI 14 also brings some new visual changes to Xiaomi devices. Users can now choose from four different icon sizes and add interactive elements like cat avatars to their home screen. New widgets, customizable folders, and other design changes are included in the update.
Xiaomi AI Assistant version 6.0 also comes with a new recommendation function. This functionality automatically learns about user habits and provides shortcuts to payment and shipping codes.

MIUI 14 has improved on-device privacy operations to keep activities more private. The new operating system will be based on local computing. It will cover more than 30 system scenarios, including image recognition, text extraction from photos, subtitles for video calls, recording, and translation.

MIUI 14 Release Schedule

Xiaomi has announced the MIUI 14 release schedule for its devices in China. The first batch of Xiaomi phones will receive MIUI 14 from January 2023. The list of devices will also be available worldwide, including Xiaomi’s 12-series phones. Other devices on this list include some of the Redmi K50 series phones launched as Poco devices globally.

MIUI 14 update timeline

The first batch of supported devices for the MIUI 14 update will receive the update in February 2023. The following devices are included in this batch:

Xiaomi 12S Ultra
Xiaomi 12S Pro
Xiaomi 12S
Xiaomi 12 Pro
Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition
Xiaomi 12
Xiaomi MIX Fold 2
Redmi K50 Pro
Redmi K50
Redmi K50 Extreme Edition
Redmi K50 Gaming Edition

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