Y42 wants to be the mission control for its data feeds

Berlin-based company, Y42, has announced the release of its new service, “Modern DataOps Cloud,” which is listed as “built on the Snowflake data warehouse service and the Google BigQuery engine”. With this new service comes an increase in tools for businesses to make their data stacks more accessible to a larger number of users. Currently, BigQuery is only available for developers, but with this service it’s speculated that it will soon be an enterprise tool.

“Data use cases have changed from ad hoc reporting to becoming the driving force of most companies. However, it’s pretty tough to come up with new data streams when you don’t know what you need. It’s not surprising that these ad hoc streams are fragile and eventually burst, leading to an overflow of firefighting requests,” said Hung Dang, founder and CEO of Y42.

According to the article, “DataOps Y42 Cloud” will allow organizations to both build and run production-ready pipelines while taking advantage of the data they produce.

As before, Y42 manages the entire data stack, integrating various DBT services and cores for transformation using open source tools such as Airbyte. For power users and data teams, Y42 offers Git-based version control (although non-technical users can also use it via the service’s web app), and with this new platform, the company can now take advantage of advanced tools like data. It also provides management tools, asset ownership allocation, data contracts, and multi-level access control.

“Our vision is that any organization, whether it has a single data engineer, data scientist, or an entire data team, can efficiently build and run production-ready data pipelines and make better business decisions in any downstream application. Ability to use data. The Y42 Modern DataOps Cloud is making that vision a reality today, ”said Dang.

In addition to the newly managed service, Y42 also announced today that it has appointed Jules Cantwell as its president. Prior to Y42, Cantwell was the COO of Qualtrics EMEA.

“The technology industry is at a critical juncture where the data collected by companies increasingly exceeds their ability to manage it effectively. A modern DataOps cloud is needed to manage data flows in a scalable manner. The requirement has become critical to the mission, ”Cantwell said. “Y42 has a product vision, a customer proof point and a passionate team to really transform the data management space.”

The company recently appointed Max Herrmann, the former director of marketing for the Cask data integration platform (acquired by Google in 2018) and most recently director of marketing for Swim.ai as senior vice president of marketing.

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