Reading novels is one of the most attractive pastimes in the world. People love to stay on the coast of reading books to get away from reality. Books create an imaginary world and people love to reside in it. Urdu novels are quite famous among the women of the house. Urdu literature is full of great literary works and readers enjoy them. Novel writing has a wide reach in Pakistan because true novel readers do not prefer movies to novels. Zeenia Sharjeel’s novels are gaining popularity among the masses. Her novels are a center of attraction for hardcover readers and online readers.

Profile of Zeenia Sharjeel

Zeenia Sharjeel is a writer of romance novels. She writes about romance, love, marriage and all the typical topics that Pakistani readers prefer. Pakistani women have to deal with many things in their society. They are dominated in this patriarchal society. They feel a lack of love, empathy and compassion in their families and in the people around them. There is a great need for true love in Pakistani women. The girls live in the imagination of their ideal hero who will keep them happy forever. Zeenia Sharjeel’s novels are the kind of novels that meet her requirements.

Her novels are about ideal heroes who do everything for love. She talks about a romance that women imagine having in their lives. She deals with family and social issues that are realistic and relatable to readers. Novels are gaining popularity among readers. She is a writer for Facebook right now. She publishes her work on the Internet. Online readers are growing more than hard book readers due to the easy availability of the Internet and mobile phones. Almost every household has a smartphone where women can easily read their favorite readings at any time. She has written some novels compared to some famous writers. She is a beginner in the industry.

Zeenia Sharjeel Novel list

if you like to read romance novel then her novels are perfect for you because her novels are based on romance stories. If we talk about her writing style, she mainly writes rude and romantic novels based on heroes. She has millions of readers on her Facebook page, she wrote romantic and realistic novels, her novels are very famous not only in Pakistan, but also in India, UK, Canada, Germany and Saudi Arabia. Arab peoples love to read.

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Zeenia Sharjeel novels
Zeenia Sharjeel novels

List of Zeenia Sharjeel novels

  • Novel Dil Hara by Zeenia Sharjeel
  • Teri Deewani by Zeenia Sharjeel
  • Deewangi novel by Zeenia Sharjeel
  • Novel Wo Hoye Meharban by Zeenia Sharjeel
  • Novel Dil Hara by Zeenia Sharjeel
  • Dil Yun Mile Hamare by Zeenia Sharjeel
  • Shame Novel Inteqam by Zeenia Sharjeel
  • You are mine complete novel by Zeenia Sharjeel
  • Basilsila e Taa Azal complete novel by Zeenia Sharjeel
  • Gunahgar Complete Novel by Zeenia Sharjeel
  • Itni Muhabbat Kro Na by Zeenia Sharjeel
  • Itni Muhabbat Kro Naa (Season 2) by Zeenia Sharjeel
Zeenia Sharjeel novels
Deewangi novel by Zeenia Sharjeel
Novel Wo Hoye Meharban by Zeenia Sharjeel